Master and Margarita by the After-Death Plan

Excerpt from the song Master & Margarita by the After-Death Plan from the album Literature. Every song on Literature is inspired by or dedicated to a great book or author. Master and Margarita is dedicated to one of our favorite books, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.


Master & Margarita

No matter what you name here it don’t exist

And only fools can be suffered to persist through unfaithfulness

It’s when credence comes to trial and loses hold

I’m done. I’m undone

Only Margarita can recover me        (душа)

Fighting for my soul and my dignity      (считаю)

Only Margarita can recover me           (душа)

Fighting for my soul and my dignity        (считаю)

My love’s always open

Your love’s almost done.

Keep on, keep on

Critics are wrong.

My love’s always open

And your love’s almost done.


After-Death Plan is predominately Lesley Ann Fogle (AKA Vena Gore) and her husband, Constantine Hondroulis. The duo began recording together in Chicago in the 1990’s as part of her musical conglomerate Mal Vu, a rotating cast of musicians weaving tales of darkness and whimsy. The After-Death Plan’s current endeavor highlights music and lyrics inspired by classic literature.

Lesley Ann Fogle – lyrics, vocal, recording engineer, mix engineer. (this is the unmastered version)

Constantine Hondroulis – bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, backup vocals