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Lesley Ann Fogle of Hear No Evil Sound, LLC is an Audio Engineer, Voice Artist, and Sound Creative.

The main goal of this website is to catalog retail audiobooks. For recent audio-related work or to schedule Lesley, please reach out through the contact page. Go here for info on music by After-Death Plan. Go here for info on her writing as LAFogle.

Lesley Ann Fogle studied vocal performance at University of Toledo and Ohio State in the early 1990’s. Wanting to fully understand sound, she went on to learn the technical side of audio engineering. After a decade in Chicago working as an audio engineer mainly on jingles and post-production commercials, Lesley found herself frequently on the other side of the microphone. Upon landing mneumonic work for Nintendo/Leo Burnett, Lesley joined SAG and went freelance on the audio side (as Hear No Evil Sound in 2004) while voicing national commercials, industrials, and documentary work. Upon moving back to Columbus Ohio, she took on audiobook narration as a means of long-format vocal practice and soon found it opened a world of active participation in characterization, accent work, cold reading, endurance, and technique.

When not narrating, sound-designing in post, field mixing at a film shoot, Lesley writes music with her husband under the name After-Death Plan. The duo began recording together in Chicago in the 1990’s as part of her musical conglomerate Mal Vu, a rotating cast of musicians weaving dark tales. After-Death Plan’s 2017 album “Literature” highlights music and lyrics inspired by classic literature. Their 2nd album, Psycho Social Sexual, released Jan 15, 2019. The duo shot three music videos to accompany their latest release. They were awarded two GCAC grants for this endeavor and to expand the use of the visual medium for their third album.

Lesley Ann Fogle is a member of The Audio Engineering Society (AES), Chair of the AES Columbus section, a member of the Fort Hayes Audio Advisory Committee, and an Audible Approved Producer.
AES Member        Audible Approved Producer


Thousands of projects spanning 25 years. Here’s a a partial list of Lesley’s field and post audio engineer experience:

Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Center, Procter & Gamble, Daystar Network, HGTV, Discovery Inc, Ohio Health, Ohio Proud, University of Cincinnati, White Castle, Ohio Jewish Communities, American Floor Source, Short North Arts Association, NPR, White Gate Films, Highball Halloween, Nationwide (broadcast TV and radio in Chicago, and in-house industrials at their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio), Goodwill, SAGES (Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons) medical training videos, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Department of Education, AAA, Ohio Wesleyan, Abbott Labs, Cedarville University, Time Warner Cable,  Amazon, Audio Realms, Think TV, Disney, Gatorade, Nintendo, Boeing, Kellogg’s, Army, Coors Light, Bud Light, Kraft, Allstate, Applebee’s, McDonalds, Glade, JC Penney, HGTV, Discovery Channel, Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Scott Foresman, Houghton-Mifflin, American Chemical Society, Small Motor Skills, Opera Project Columbus


Voice: Audiobook Narration (skilled in characterization). Voiceover for Commercials, Film, Image Campaigns, e-Learning, and Training.
Audio: Field and Post Recording, Edit, Noise Reduction, ADR, Sound Editing Builds, Sound Design, Mix.
Over 20 years experience in musical composition, vocal technique, sound design, mix, and commercial finish.

Many of Lesley’s clients send her for field audio to get what’s needed to save time in post. For larger shoots, Lesley has filled the role of Sound Supervisor and 2nd AD.










Assets: Pro Tools, Logic, AMEK 9098s EQ/pre-amps, HD Omni for surround sound monitoring, array of mics including Neumann U87 Ai, Shure KSM44, KSM 32, KSM8, 57s, 58s, Neumann 185 pair, AT4051, Unisphere (ha), and a locker of interesting mics used less often than the ones mentioned; several monitors including Mackie HR624s and Yamaha NS10s, soundproofed studio, large collection of plugins, SFX library. Basic field package includes Sound Devices 552 field mixer/recorder (5 inputs) with breakaway cable (receives timecode), Sound Devices MixPre 10II (10 inputs; SD card, UBS, TA3, and bluetooth out; remote recording; remix feature; generates field reports), three wireless lavs, boom kit, and array of field mics. Whatever else is needed—mic upgrade, etc—is rented based on the needs and budget of the project.

Delivery Methods: DVD, FTP, Dropbox, IPDTL, Skype phone patch with audio playback capability and video session.


Without a doubt, Lesley is one of the most talented young women that I have come across in 30 years in the film and TV business. I have worked with her on numerous projects – as voice talent, sound designer, mixer, voice director and talent coordinator. Her Professionalism is stellar and she is truly a joy to work with. I am pleased to name Lesley Fogle as my “go to” audio Professional.
Nancy Ogden- Executive Producer, White Gate Films
Wonderful! I don’t think I’ll ever get beyond my state of awe while listening to Lesley. There were lines she delivered so well I nearly forgot that I’d written them. She has a gift for bringing things to life. Really, I’m just blown away by her talent.
Kimberly Krey- Author
Lesley knows her craft extremely well and is a joy with whom to work. While I am thrilled to work with Lesley for any of my set audio, post audio engineering needs or even talent coaching on microphone technique because of her craft savvy, her enthusiasm and easy-going personality make every project she’s a part of just more fun.
Chu Oparah- Producer, KODIG|MEDIA, LLC
I worked closely with Ms. Fogle during the recent production of my first novel. Not only is she incredibly professional, but she understands the delicate nature involved in bringing fictional characters to life. Ms. Fogle was open to my suggestions, and performed a flawless Canadian accent as per my request. She also has a great singing voice! I’d be honored to work with Ms. Fogle in the future, and feel confident she could master any narrative if given the opportunity.
Ashley Pullo- Author of The Ballad and The Album
I’d rather listen to the Audible version of my romantic comedy, Part-time Princess, professionally narrated by Lesley Ann Fogle than actually read it with my eyeballs (the old fashioned way.) Lesley makes my characters’ voices sparkle and she’s spot on with her comedic timing. I can’t wait to work with her again!
Pamela DuMond- Author of Part-time Princess
It was a delight working with Lesley Fogle. She did an excellent job using voices that matched the personalities of my characters, and she worked quickly and professionally. It was clear she was invested in the overall outcome of the audiobook, ensuring her work was of high quality and fit with what I had in mind.
B.T. Narro- Author of Bastial Explosion