Fiction, Children’s, Classic

credits – audio producer/editor/engineer, narrator, interactive ebook creator


Story by Beatrix Potter

While all of the other little squirrels work away gathering nuts on the land of the Old Mr Brown, a precocious squirrel named Nutkin goofs about, aggravating and testing the patience of the wise old owl.  Until one day Old Mr Brown snaps and teaches the impetuous Squirrel Nutkin a lesson he’ll never forget!

Experience one of the most popular children’s books of all time like never before with interactive features to explore, such as page-by-page narration and a gallery of riddles from Squirrel Nutkin.

Nutshell Interactive | 29 pages | ISBN: 978-0-9796025-4-2  (interactive ebook) | April 2013 | All Ages | Suitable for quiet time |