The Fairy Tale by Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Interactive)

Fiction, Adult Drama, Classic

credits – producer, engineer, narrator, score, treatment, synopsis, design, audiobook, ebook creator


THE FAIRY TALE by Johann Wolfgang Goethe

In a mythic domain where the rules of life and death are unknown to us, passengers must be carried across a great river between two lands, while dream-like sequences play out in concert to ultimately connect the prophetic expectations of its strange inhabitants.


“If one deals with the poetic side of Alchemy, as we may call it, with an open mind, it leads to very pleasant reflections; indeed, we arrive at a parable springing from universal conceptions and built upon the proper foundations of natural phenomena.” Goethe


For the first time, Goethe’s visional allegory of transformation is broken down into 16 bite-size sections with comprehensive overviews.

Other features include:

Audio: full narration and an original score, with page-by-page audio controls
Overviews: double-click on the illustrations in each of the 16 sections for comprehensive pop-up summaries
Illustrations: 18 original illustrations to brighten up your journey
Glossary terms: brief pop-up definitions with one-click further access to detailed definitions
Notes: background information and related facts.