First off, let me say that I did not have the time to keep up with posts for many months. All of my free time went to my mom who was dealing with an onslaught of health issues. Since she passed away in November, I’ve spent a lot of time catching up with work, processing, and recovering my energy. Things are starting to normalize though everything has changed.

Now is a good time to get back into the swing of things. Or in this case, the gallow swing of things. February was Women in Horror month and David Spell of The Scary Reviews and Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi of Hook Of A Book Media were kind enough to include me in their spotlight interviews. I’m not an author but I have narrated quite a few books in the horror genre and I’m glad someone noticed. So far they’ve profiled 26 women with mini-interviews, so please visit and read them all!

Here goes:

Woman In Horror Interview – Spotlight #9 by Scary Reviews


Lesley Ann Fogle, Narrator, Audio Specialist

How do you define horror and what drew you to it?

First movie I remember having an impact on me was “The Shining.” I covered my ears and figured out it was the sound that really gave me the creeps. I was sensitive to sound; if someone’s teeth were clacking or energy was directed at me then I would have would have to go somewhere isolated to read. But after that movie, I got my little hands on the book and the words made my mind listen intensely without any sensory interference. Horror helped me. Unsure why. Guess I’ll say effective horror makes my mind listen with impenetrable, macabre focus.

I think the next book to command my attention was “Wasp Factory.”

What sub-genre(s) do you read/narrate in?

So far I’ve narrated paranormal haunted house and classic ghost, supernatural crime thriller, classic sci-fi, mythological madness, and psychological Victorian paranormal. I put a lot into my audiobooks and get great responses from the authors.

What is your personal favorite part of reading horror?

I like dark prose and character meltdowns and humor. It’s mostly all entertaining to read. And sometimes alarming, in which case we’re learning. Personal favorite…Fred Godsmarck; he is the boss of horror audiobooks and a joy to work with which is rare/important in a publisher. Is there a word limit here? I also really enjoyed working on the Out-Of-Tune anthology; the short stories kept me on my toes and I like studying the writing style of many authors at once. Speaking of short stories, I recently narrated the promo trailer for the upcoming Borderlands Podcast Indiegogo campaign. Yes, THE Borderlands series! It’s coming soon so be on the lookout.

Lesley Anne Fogle Bio(hazard)

Within my harrowing 40-some years, I’ve studied opera, sound, engineering. Worked as a jingle singer, voiceover talent, location field mixer, and audio engineer for soul-sucking commercials (and cool films and shows and installations). I’m the Nintendo GameCube girl, Vena Gore from the underground band Mal VU, and singer/engineer for After-Death Plan whose upcoming 2016 album “Literature” holds songs inspired by books. I like to narrate books and record accents and mimic people and casually workshop my characters on the unsuspecting public.

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